Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball


The Wilson NCAA Replica gameball is a high performance composite leather basketball, designed for indoor use. 

  • PATENTED LAID IN CHANNELS - while most basketballs feature channels with additional rubber strips between the leather / composite panels, Wilson's laid in channels actually see a continuation of the basketball's cover material, meaning that you get complete premium coverage for increased grip and consistent feel.
  • PATENTED CORE CUSHION CARCASS - the NCAA replica basketball has a soft feel, that is easier to grip for better handling. The cushioning also provides a truer bounce and and more consistent rebounding.
  • PATENTED PRESSURE LOCK BLADDER - it can be pretty deflating (*sorry*) when you get to the court, only to find that your basketball is a bit flat. With Wilson's pressure lock bladder, their basketballs stay fully inflated for longer.

A cushioned core carcass also means the ball has maximum softness and grip, while a pressure locking bladder, which locks in air to give optimal ball pressure over longer periods. 

  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: NCAA Replica Gameball
  • Composite leather basketball
  • Indoor use
  • Size 7 (full size)

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