Wilson FIBA 3x3 Official Basketball


The Wilson FIBA 3x3 Official basketball is revolutionising the 3x3 game. Built with the specific requirements of the faster-paced 3x3 game in mind, the Wilson FIBA 3x3 basketball is unique in both how it looks, and how it performs.

  • OFFICIAL FIBA 3x3 SPECIFICATION - This basketball is a size 6 ball, with the weight of a size 7 basketball. The smaller size means that all ages and genders can easily pick up a 3x3 ball and get playing, while the size 7 weight means that experienced players can still make use of their muscle memory when shooting. 
  • WAVE TRIPLE THREAT TECHNOLOGY - Notice the unusual look of the ball? When players are shooting, their fingertips often look for the seams of the ball so that they can apply maximum spin on the shot. With this ball, there are grooves all of the way round, so you can shoot faster, and always with good spin. The grooves also help with grip making passing easier.
  • PEBBLED CHANNELS - As with the full Wilson gameball range, the channels in the ball are fully inlaid with high performance composite material, meaning that there is no loss of grip at the seams. 
  • PRESSURE LOCK BLADDER - The ball has Wilson's patented Pressure Lock Bladder, meaning that the basketball stays inflated for longer.

** In 2017, 3x3 basketball was officially made an Olympic sport, and will feature at the Tokyo 2020 game.**

The Wilson Official 3x3 FIBA basketball was built for speed of play, while providing enhanced grip for improved control and better shooting.

  • Brand: Wilson
  • Model: FIBA Official 3x3 basketball
  • 100% composite cover
  • Wilson Triple Threat Technology
  • Size 6 basketball with size 7 weight - for all players.

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