SKLZ Double Double Basketball Trainer


The SKLZ Double Double trainer is a 2-in-1 basketball training aid that can be configured to either help with shot precision or better rebounding. 

The first rim attachment reduces the inner rim to just 15", meaning there's less space for the basketball to get through, so you have to be more precise with your shooting. Repeated used builds the good shooting habits required to improve your shooting, such as correct shot arch and ball rotation. 

The second attachment covers the hoop, and sends the basketball straight back out, making it an effective rebounding aid. Allows the player to work on anticipating where the basketball will come back out to, and increase awareness of rebounding position.

  • First set up reduces inner rim to 15” to reinforce shooting with correct arc and rotation
  • Second set up with attachable "rejector” for rebounding drills
  • Durable bent steel construction for true action off the rim
  • Easily attaches to standard 18” rims

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