Korfball Shoes in the UK

We might be a basketball store, but recently we've had a lot of customers coming to us who are specifically looking to buy Korfball shoes in the UK. 

While it's true to say that Korfball and basketball are entirely independent sports, there are a lot of crossovers in terms of the way that players move on the court and in terms of what they require from their shoes during a game or training.

Basketball shoes are actually ideal for playing Korfball, as they have a lot of technical features or qualities that suit the needs of Korfball players, in just the same way that they cater for basketball players. The sort of qualities we're talking about are:

  • Traction for quick movements and changes of direction.
  • Good lockdown, ensuring your foot is kept in place in the shoe to reduce risk of injury.
  • In mid or high top shoes, sturdy ankle support to prevent injury, or support older injuries.
  • Lightweight shoes for agility and fast paced play.
  • Cushioned soles that make playing more comfortable.
  • Arch support or midsole support for the foot.

In the current game of Korfball, it's not uncommon to see players wearing basketball shoes. Particularly common basketball shoes seen on the Korfball courts tend to come from either Nike or Adidas, especially in the lower cut models that seem to be on trend right now across both sports. 

While the Korfball shoe market appears to be quite limited at the moment, particularly in the UK, the basketball shoe market provides a huge amount of choice in colours, designs and styles.

If you're looking for shoes to play Korfball in, why not take a look at our basketball shoe pages, or please get in touch with us to chat more about it. We've had the opportunity to speak to a few Korfball players at our store and so may be able to help.