Spalding NBA BEAST Portable Basketball System



Spalding have been upping their game recently, adding new lines to their range of Portable Basketball Systems, including this new NBA Beast Portable basketball hoop, which has some of the awesome features of an official NBA backboard, while being something that you can use without being in an NBA arena.

The portable basketball hoop has a full size official glass backboard, just like the pro's, as well as an arena-grade 'slam jam' rim with flexible suspension for dunking on. 

The mobile base requires around 216 litres of water for stability and the screw jack elevator system allows for easy height adjustment.

  • Brand: Spalding
  • Two part pole system (12.7cm edge length)
  • Glass backboard
  • Arena 'slam jam' rim
  • Screw Jack Elevator system
  • Weatherproof and stainless
  • Backboard size: 152 cm x 137cm
  • Rim Height - adjustable between 228 - 305 cm
  • Backboard offset 61cm
  • Packaging weight 162 kg (comes in 3 boxes)
  • Time to assemble - approx. 3 hours

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