Spalding NBA Junior Series


The Spalding NBA Junior Series is an ideal starter unit for children who are just getting started in the game of basketball. 

The unit is suitable for players up to the age of 8, and is compatible with size 3 and size 5 basketballs. 

The systems comprises a 3-part pole system that is telescopic, along with an eco-composite backboard. The entire unit is weatherproof and stainless. 

The unit is mobile, with stability provided by filling the base with either water or sand. (Around 53 litres needed to fill the base.)

  • Size: Base - 81 x 57 cm. Max. height of 198 cm
  • Colour: Black / Red / Yellow / Green
  • Suitable for children up to the age of 8
  • Compatible with size 3 and size 5 basketballs
  • Free UK delivery

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