Allen Iverson Stance Sock Collection

Stance has become a dominant force in the sock game, and a trend setter for a new generation that appreciates a good sock, so it makes sense that when they team up with artists, musicians and sports legends, they pick people who are trend setters themselves.
When talking about basketball, there isn't really anyone bigger than Allen Iverson if we're talking about setting trends and changing the way that people think about clothing and image.
In 2005, the NBA had to bring in an official players dress code, just to counteract what Iverson was bringing to the league. Iverson brought a type of style and attitude that is commonplace in the NBA now.
Tattoos, cornrows, baggy clothes and a bad boy attitude - Iverson was the first guy to bring those things into the NBA in a way that fundamentally changed the face of the game. Now Iverson has teamed up with Stance to continue a tradition of setting trends and wearing whatever the hell he wants. This is the Allen Iverson Stance Sock Collection.

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