Wilson X Connected Basketball - The Future of Stat Tracking and Training April 20, 2017 16:58

Wilson X Connected Basketball

We live in a world where we are forever connected to technology, and in particular our mobile phones, so the Wilson X Connected basketball is the obvious evolutionary step in basketball technology. 

The Wilson X Connected basketball links to your mobile phone via Blutooth, then via the Wilson app, it will allow you to track your shooting stats as you train. That includes using cutting edge technology to track your makes and misses, your shooting percentages and distance from the hoop as you shoot.

The app tracks and displays the stats on your phone in real time, and in-built games and training programs allow you to work on your game and identify which areas might need more work than others. 

Here's a quick video to give you the full introduction to the Wilson X Basketball

So the Wilson X comes with 3 game modes, and a free range mode. The game modes are Free Throw, Game Time and Buzzer beater. Each of these game modes focuses on a particular part of your shooting game. As the app tracks your stats, you're able to focus more on your form and getting better, without worrying about counting or keeping a mental note of your performance. 

We take a look at each game mode separately via the links below, but the Wilson X Connected basketball is the ideal basketball for a permanently connected generation. Challenge your friends to beat your stats, share progress with your coach and unlock in game achievements, all via your mobile phone. 

You can buy the Wilson X Connected basketball right here, complete with display box. 

Check out the various Wilson X modes: