Nike Doesn't Plan to Continue with Sleeved Jerseys January 24, 2017 14:47

With the announcement that Nike would be taking over as the official jersey supplier to the NBA come the 2017-18 NBA season, a whole load of questions have been thrown out there in regards to how Nike will change things up. 

A key point that Nike have recently made, much to the delight of most fans, is that Nike does not plan to produce sleeved jerseys. That information, which was revealed in the WSJ, came along with information that Nike will only be releasing authentic and swingman jerseys into retailers that they're partnered with, and not replica jerseys. 

The production of replica jerseys has been handed over to US-based sports company, Fanatics, so replica's will only be available via Fanatics and the official NBA store. 

Nevertheless, we can breathe easy in that Nike will not be putting out sleeved jerseys (at least for this initial season - they've not said that they'll never make them, just that they don't plan to). LeBron James will no doubt be pleased, as Nike's biggest current global basketball representative, he was very vocal about his dislike of the sleeved jerseys when adidas started to produce them in 2013. 

LeBron notably tore the sleeves open on his jersey in 2015 as the ultimate show of defiance, and given Nike's relationship with LeBron, I'm sure they'd have taken notice of what he had to say on the matter. 

Nike NBA swingman and authentic jerseys will be available to purchase right here for the 2017-18 NBA season.