NBA Jersey Sponsors for the 2017 - 18 Season - The First 7 Revealed June 29, 2017 15:18

Orlando Magic Sponsored by Disney

So much is going to be changing with NBA jerseys when Nike officially takes over for the 2017 - 18 NBA season, including the fact that NBA jerseys will feature a sponsors patch on the front, as well as the Nike tick. 

Now that the off-season is in full effect, we're going to start seeing lots of teams making announcements about their arrangements for next season, but here are the first 7 jersey sponsors that have been revealed so far. 


The Philadelphia 76ers wasted no time in going after a sponsor, and were the first team to announce that they had formed a partnership. Next season, fans will see a Stubhub patch on the Sixers jerseys. The initial relationship between the two is said to be worth $5 million per year, for 3 years.


Next out of the gates was the Sacramento Kings, who have partnered up with Blue Diamond Growers. The deal is reportedly the same as Sixers, with the sponsors paying $5 million per year, for 3 years.


Boston Celtics - General Electric

As one of the oldest and most unchanged franchises in the NBA, Celtics fans no doubt waited nervously to find out which logo their new Nike jerseys would display next season. Boston has teamed up with General Electric, a company with plenty of history, for a franchise with plenty of history (and a decent logo to boot). The Celtics had a little more bargaining power, and their deal is reportedly worth $8 million per year. 


Brooklyn Nets Infor

While a lot of the other sponsors patches seem to blend well with the team's existing design, the Brooklyn Nets have already been heavily criticised for this rather abrupt addition to their uniform. Their new sponsors, a technology company called Infor, will reportedly be paying $8 million per year for the privilege. 


Cavaliers Goodyear

The Cavaliers are now considered one of the most marketable teams in the NBA, so their sponsor was also eagerly awaited. The team has joined forces with Akron-based tire company Goodyear, for a reported $10 million per year.

There's actually some awesome history about the start of professional basketball leagues in the US that goes back quite a way. A small part of that history would include the Goodyear Wingfoots - a basketball team that won the first championship of the National Basketball League in 1938. 

The image released on the Cavaliers Twitter account shows LeBron James wearing one of the jerseys (yes an Irving jersey) that were gifted to the team when the deal was signed. Please note that these are not previews of the Nike jerseys that are to be released later this year. That jersey is actually a replica of the jersey that the Goodyear Wingfoots AAU Championship team wore in 1964.


Utah Jazz Qualtrics

The Utah Jazz have signed a smaller deal than the others teams thus far, with the sponsorship sitting around $4 million per year. The reason being, that while the sponsor is tech firm Qualtrics, the jerseys will actual display Qualitric's "5 for the Fight" charity patches. So maybe there's a little bit of heart in there amongst the cut throat business of sports finance. 


By far the most obvious choice for the Florida-based franchise, the Orlando Magic will display Disney patches on their uniforms for the next few seasons (see top of the blog).  As part of a wider deal, the Magic will also start selling annual passes to Disneyland in Orlando, bringing the relationship between two of Florida's most notorious organisations full circle.


While the buzz around the Timberwolves has well and truly moved to the signing of Jimmy Butler, Minnesota did announce that their jersey sponsor next season would be fitness company Fitbit. A Fitbit is actually a wearable fitness / sleep tracker, so we can likely expect to see players also sporting the devices.