LeBron James Breaks Out New Nike NBA Threads August 19, 2017 13:16

Fewer brand-athlete relationships seem as strong as the one between Nike and LeBron James, especially where basketball is concerned. So it's no surprise that James is out there on social media, leading the way to showcasing the new relationship between Nike and the NBA.

Posting on Instagram, James let everyone know just how ready he is to get next season underway, while showing off his new Nike NBA threads. 

"Welcome to the Terrordome!! Let's get this thing back going ASAP!! Savage Season 15 #striveforgreatness #savagemode #IFeelSoGoodRightNowItsScary"

LeBron James Nike NBA Icon Jersey

LeBron is wearing Nike's new 'Icon' uniform, which replaces what would have been known as the 'road' uniform. The Cleveland Cavaliers, along with the other 29 NBA teams, will get to choose which kit their wear for their home games next season, hence the move away from using 'home' or 'road' in reference to the uniforms.

The new uniforms are set to drop at the end of September, so keep it right here to grab your very own LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers Nike Icon jersey and shorts.