Denver Nuggets Reveal New Uniforms and Branding for 2018/19 NBA Season June 08, 2018 11:48

The Denver Nuggets are looking to evolve, and move into a new era of Nuggets basketball, with a rebrand and a set of brand new Nike NBA uniforms for the 2018 / 19 NBA season. Let's take a look at what they've come up with!

The branding was unveiled under a new EVOLVE tagline, and the new Nuggets branding is definitely an evolution of a whole range of their past uniforms and looks. 

Denver Nuggets Logo Denver Nuggets Logo Denver Nuggets Logo Denver Nuggets Logo Denver Nuggets Logo

The new suite of logos show that the Nuggets are pulling from past imagery, including the crossed pick axes and the much-loved Denver city skyline, with the mountain range in the background. 

Denver Nuggets Colours

The new colours are not all that new to the Nuggets. The dark blue and red colourway was used in during the 90's and early 2000's. The sunshine yellow is a nod to the gold rush that Denver is famous for, while the Flatiron Red is taken from the red sand stone in the region. The Skyline blue is a great colour to reintroduce to the mix, as this is the blue that the Nuggets used for their uniforms during the 70's and is reminiscent of the colour of the rainbow-skyline uniforms of the 80's and early 90's. 

Denver Nuggets Icon Jersey   Denver Nuggets Association Jersey    Denver Nuggets Statement Jersey

For the uniforms themselves, the Icon (Midnight Blue) and Association (White) editions follow a similar style to last year, with the wordmark across the chest, however the font and neckline have changed quite a lot. The Statement (Skyline Blue) is a complete departure from any previous Nuggets styling. The 'Mile High City' wordmark forming a circle around a centralised number, and the rounded neck of the jersey will give Denver players a fresh look next season.

Denver Nuggets Shorts

The Denver Nuggets shorts have been updated nicely, to include a mountain outline on the leg, and some really nice 'buckle' graphics, our favourite of which is the mountain backed skyline on the Statement shorts. 

Having watched the Denver Nuggets new EVOLVE intro video, and rummaging around their promo page on their website, we're particularly looking forward to Denver's accompanying apparel lines, which look like they make great graphic use of the Nuggets new branding. 

New Denver Nuggets Nike NBA jerseys will launch here ahead of the new 2018/19 NBA season.