Check Out the New Nike NBA Jerseys for the Indiana Pacers August 02, 2017 13:53

As the Indiana Pacers head into the 51st season in the NBA, the franchise is celebrating a new start with brand new Nike NBA kits. For the 2017/18 NBA season, the Pacers will be looking to the future, and will build a campaign around the new slogan "We Grow Basketball Here".

Indiana Pacers Icon

The new Indiana Pacers look is built on a return to the core values of Indiana basketball, and a look at what makes the state special. The new Pacer's seal, and the new Nike kits have a strong linear pattern that literally point to the sun rays, and ploughed farmland that are such a key part of Indiana's culture and economy. 

Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Jerseys

The new Nike Association uniform (white) and the Icon uniform (navy) incorporate the new signature lines down the sides of the jersey and shorts. The front of the jersey will also be very different, in that it will have a new circular lock-up of the 'Indiana Pacers' wordmark. 

As with all of the new Nike NBA kits, the Pacers' will be flush with new material technology and a new cut that makes the uniforms lighter, more breathable and more comfortable. You can read more about the Nike NBA jersey technology here.

While we wait for the official release of all of the Nike NBA jerseys, check out some of the Indiana players wearing the new kits during the official Pacers launch. 

Indiana Pacers Nike NBA Uniforms