Miami Heat Are Crowned NBA Champions 2013 June 21, 2013 11:09

Last night, LeBron James once again proved his haters wrong, by winning his second NBA Championship in a row, and his second consecutive Finals MVP award. 

Six years ago, the Heat had faced the San Antonio Spurs in the Finals, and Tim Duncan and Tony Parker had obliterated them. Duncan had kept LeBron out of the game, and Miami had to watch the Championship presentation for the Spurs, happen on their home floor. 

Last night was a different story. At the end of the game, LeBron headed for Duncan, wrapped both arms around him and given him a huge hug.  

LeBron had 37 points and 12 rebounds in a massive game 7, where the Heat won 95-88. This series has been one for the ages, and the Spurs really gave the Heat a run for the money. It was never a guaranteed win for the Heat, and at times it looked like the Spurs had this. 

Straight away James was ready to praise the Spurs, saying: "They pushed us to the limit." The Spurs had managed to create decisive wins over the Heat, by really pressuring James, and shutting down his teammates. Unfortunately for the Spurs, the Heat pulled up their socks in game 6 and 7 to ensure that it was their name being added to the history books. 

James has had some rocky 4th quarters in these playoffs, but the past two games have seen him overcome that, to give his team the vital lift, and points that they've needed. In game 6, he knocked down a go-ahead 3 pointer, that kept the Heat in the game, and paved the way for Ray Allen to also drop a 3-bomb that would ultimately seal the deal and give the Heat at a chance of game 7. 

Last night, LeBron took a bump from Parker, then jumped and fired over Kawhi Leonard to add 2 points to his tally, with just 27 seconds left in the game. That put the Heat up 92 - 88. In the next possession for the Heat, LeBron was sent to the free-throw line, where he made the two shots and made sure that this was the Heat's.

Speaking after the game, Spurs coach, Greg Popovich said; "It was a great series, and we felt that. In all honesty, even in defeat, I'm starting to enjoy what our group accomplished already. It's no fun to lose, but we lost to a better team. And you can live with that as long as you've given your best. And I think we have."