Basketball Has Third Highest Participation Rate in England June 19, 2013 13:25

Sports England has released it's latest figures on the participation in sport in England. 

What's really awesome to hear is that basketball participation is up by 13% in England, compared to the previous 6 months. Basketball is now the third highest sport in terms of participation, at the rate of playing at least once a week. Only football and cricket are out ahead of basketball in that respect. 

Overall in England, 15.3 million people now play sport at least once a week, which is a 1.4 million increase on the figures that were published for 2005-06. 

Women involved in sports on a weekly basis has gone up by 536,600 to 6.8 million since 2005-06 and disability sports has seen an increase of 353,100 participants in the same time frame, giving them a total of 1.7 million participants who play sport at least once a week. 

It's absolutely brilliant to hear that participation in basketball is on the increase, especially as it is one of the lowest funded sports in England. 

We have the London 2012 Olympics to thank for bringing basketball to the attention of a greater number of people, but more so to all of the teams, clubs, organisations and people out there who work hard everyday to improve basketball in England. 

Let's keep this trend going.