Miami Heat Beat Pacers to Advance to 2013 NBA Finals June 04, 2013 09:49

The Eastern Conference Finals have been, by far, the most exciting series of these 2013 NBA Playoffs, and last night, they ended with the Miami Heat coming out on top. 

The series between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers had been very back and forward. One game, the Pacers would dominate and take control. Then the Heat would come back and show why they are the current reigning NBA Champions. After a strong show in game 6 from the Pacers, it was Miami's turn to pull out a winning display. 

LeBron James scored 32 points in the 99 - 76 victory, and Dwayne Wade and Ray Allen, who have struggled at times during this series, both scored in double points. 

To go with those 32 points, LeBron also had 8 rebounds and 4 assists. For Wade, his 21 points marked the first time that he has scored more than 20 points in this post-season, since game 2 of the first round versus the Milwaukee Bucks. 

After game 6, both Wade and Chris Bosh were criticised for their lack of production, leaving LeBron to do all of the work, and for the team to eventually come up short.  In game 7, even Bosh was in the mix, with 9 points, 8 rebounds and 3 blocks.

For the Pacers, they have had a tremendous season, and not that many people would have marked their card for the Eastern Conference Finals, let alone to draw Miami out to a 7 game series. That being said, the Pacers struggled in game 7. 

Paul George and Roy Hibbert have really led the way for the Pacers, but George fouled out early in the 4th quarter, and Hibbert was also seeing extended bench time due to being in foul trouble.  George made just 2 of 9 shots on the night, thanks to a good defensive effort by LeBron, and Hibbert was restricted due to Miami picking up the aggression on both the defensive and offensive ends. 

A telling sign of the way that Miami had picked things up, was the fact that the Pacers committed  9 first quarter turn-overs, and frequent mistakes throughout the game allowed Miami to capitalise and make sure that the game wouldn't be a close one.

The Heat now progress to their 3rd straight NBA Final, where they face the San Antonio Spurs. Game 1 tips off on Thursday night.