Metta World Peace Writes Bedtime Stories for Children May 30, 2013 12:42

If I was going to choose an NBA player to write bedtime stories for children, then Metta World Peace would not be top of my list. As one of the most aggressive, crazy and even violent players in the NBA, I would imagine that he would give kids nightmares more than anything else. 

That being the case, I find the revelation that Metta World Peace HAS released a children's bedtime story book.

The book has stories such as "Mud in my Bed" and "I'm Afraid of the Dark", and is said to promote the idea that no matter how things are for you right now, they will always get better. 

I still can't really put the two together. I can just imagine Metta elbow dropping a kid to get them go to sleep. Now that I would have expected.