Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls Fight it Out in Playoff Semi Finals May 11, 2013 12:52

The Chicago Bulls vs the Miami Heat is probably the most exciting playoff match up that we've seen in a while, not least because the Bulls are a team with some serious heart, and they're going up against the reigning NBA champions with everything that they've got. 

Miami aren't holding back either, which is leading to some pretty physical games. 

Last night, the series moved to Chicago for the first time, and the game was a rough as expected. In the previous game, at Miami, there were 9 technical fouls and 2 ejections. There weren't quite as many in this game, but they teams were still trying to smash each other to pieces. 

First up you've got Joakim Noah pushing Chris Anderson, after he had fallen on Nate Robinson. It didn't really look like Anderson meant any malice by sitting on Nate, but Noah was quick to make his opinion of the situation known. Just take a look at the video clip from the game.

If that wasn't enough, LeBron James and Nazr Mohammad got into it in the second quarter. Mohammad fouled LeBron hard in the open court, to which LeBron James reacted by pushing Mohammad to the floor. Mohammad then got up and pushed LeBron, sending him flying as well. LeBron got a technical foul for that, and Mohammad was ejected from the game. 

Game 4 of the series will also be in Chicago, and I think that we can at least expect more of the same. Tensions are only going to build in a series that the Heat now lead 2 - 1.