Ewing Focus Teaser from Ewing Athletics April 29, 2013 23:06

The Ewing 33 Hi retro has been a huge hit since it was released last Summer. The Ewing 33 Hi in Knicks colours are about to drop here again in May, and we can't wait. 

We were also pretty excited to see Ewing Athletics starting to release snippets about the next retro Ewing release; the Ewing Focus. Here's the teaser pic that they've released:

Ewing Focus 'Teaser'

Patrick Ewing wore the Ewing Focus in his 1993 season with the New York Knicks, and back then it was the most technically advanced shoe on offer from Ewing Athletics.

The shoe had a textured, lightweight midsole, with neoprene inserts, and an embedded ankle strap that came in a cool range of colours.

Original Ewing Focus models

The retro version of the Ewing Focus is due for release in Summer 2013. We'll be dropping more info about the colourways and expected dates right here.