K1X Anti Gravity Review - Nightwing2303 Reviews AG Performance April 25, 2013 21:16

If you know anything about sneakers, you'll have heard of Nightwing2303, who offers up his specialist knowledge on shoes through the site, Kicks On Court. 

Nightwing2303 has just reviewed the K1X Anti Gravity shoes, and gave them a solid 8/10 after assessing them on a range of different factors.

This is the most in-depth review of the K1X sneakers that we've seen, and it fits very well with our own opinion on the shoes. 

Check out the video below which features the full Anti Gravity review, and should let you know if these shoes are going to be good for you. There's no aspect of the shoe left unturned, but if you want any more info, head over to Kicks On Court