Carmelo Anthony Wins the 2013 NBA Scoring Title April 17, 2013 17:29

Carmelo Anthony has clinched the race for the 2013 NBA scoring title. The race has been tight between Anthony and Kevin Durant, who has won the past 3 NBA scoring records on the trot.

As we head into the last games of the regular season, Anthony leads Durant by an average of 28.7 to 28.1 points per game. Anthony has been on a crazy scoring run in the past few weeks, helping him to pass Durant. In fact, he's been so successful that, in the final game of the Thunder's season, tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks, Durant would have to score 70 points to pass Anthony.

Durant's career high is 52 points. In any case, Thunder coach, Scott Brooks, has said that Durant is unlikely to play tonight, and that he's a guy that cares more for winning team Championships than personal scoring titles.

Anthony will also be sitting out of tonights Knicks game, vs the Atlanta Hawks.