New Era Celebrates 59 Years of the 59FIFTY Fitted Cap April 13, 2013 18:40

 New Era 59FIFTY Fitted

Right now, New Era is celebrating 59 years of the 59FIFTY fitted cap

The 59FIFTY cap was born in 1954, and was known as the 'Brooklyn Style' cap. Back in the 1950's, New Era was the only independently owned cap maker that was licensed to supply caps to big league baseball teams. 

Amongst their most famous customers were the Brooklyn Dodgers, the Cincinnati Reds, the Cleveland Indians and the Detroit Tigers. 

(Left-Right: Edward Mittelberger, Ehrhardt Koch, and son Harold Koch)

In 1953, New Era's founder, Ehrhardt Koch passed away, aged just 68. Hi legacy was one of passion, integrity and originality. 

His son, Harold, picked up where his father left off, and it was he who redesigned New Era's fitted cap, to be the 59FIFTY that we still know and love toddy. 

Today, New Era is one of the most respected cap brands in the world, and it still remains a family owned business. 

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