Jay-Z's Open Letter to His Brooklyn Critics April 12, 2013 09:50

This week, we've been hearing about how Jay-Z is selling his minority share in the Brooklyn Nets so that he can become a player agent. 

The move of the Nets from new Jersey to Brooklyn is considered to be the work of Jay-Z. The Barclays Centre is down to him, the black and white team colours are down to him, and the new 'coolness' that the Nets acquired, was down to him. After less than a season in Brooklyn though, Jay-Z is splitting to take his interest in sports in another direction. 

The NBA rules say that a team owner cannot also be a player agent, so even if Jay-Z only has a minority stake in the Nets, he still has to sell up if he wants to take on an agent role. 

The critics piped up as soon as news broke about the deal, and in response to that, Jay-Z has released a new song called Open Letter. In the song, he addresses a few of the controversies that have arisen over recent weeks about him, including his trip to Cuba with Beyonce. 

In regards to the Brooklyn Nets, he raps, “Would’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free. Except, I made millions off of you fu*ckin dweebs … I still own the building; I’m still keeping my seats …”

Check it out: