NBA to Raise Rim Height to 12 Feet Next Season April 01, 2013 00:31

NOTE: This was an April Fools Day post, and therefore entirely fabricated - the NBA will not be raising the rim far as we know :)


Today the NBA announced that, as of next season, they will be making a huge alteration to the game of basketball, and changing basketball history. 

They have announced that they will be raising the height of the an NBA basketball rim from 10 feet, up to 12 feet. The news is already spreading via journalists and bloggers, the majority of which seem to be opposed to the idea. 
Left: 10 foot rim.  Right: 12 foot rim.

NBA Commission, David Stern, has reported explained the move by saying; "We have made the decision to raise the height of the basketball rim in the NBA because we believe that this league is the best league in the world, and we want to continue to challenge our players to be the most talented players in the world, and the most outstanding athletes that they can be."

He went on to say, "Every week, anyone can tune in to the NBA action to see the likes of DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin come together to produce some of the most entertaining dunk action that you'll see in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people tune into this league to see what these guys can really do, and we're going to show them."

When the rims are raised next season, we don't doubt that the likes of Blake Griffin will still be able to throw down, but we can easily see the likes of Nate Robinson, or the majority of players who aren't getting their head up by the rim all the time like Gerald Green, falling short under Stern's new regime of basketball, which requires players to almost be super human in order to live up to the standards that he requires.

We're also concerned about the way that raising the rim will affect shooting in the NBA. The reason that 10 foot rims have been made standard is that the best shooters in the world have built up amazing muscle memory in their shooting. They know exactly what a good shot on a 10 foot rim feels like. Their arms know the angle and the force at which they need to propel the ball for it to hit the target.

So what now? They start again from scratch?

To give you some idea of what the NBA players will be up against next season, back in the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which was part of All-Star Weekend, Dwight Howard dunked on a 12 foot rim as one of his dunks. He just made it. Check out the video below of what a 12 foot rim looks like from that contest.

Don't forget to check out David Stern's smug face part way through the video.

What are your thoughts on this controversial change? Is the NBA taking things too far? Pushing players too hard? Is it just another gimmick to get more money rolling in?  Hit us up in the comments below.