Denver Nuggets Sneak to 14 Straight NBA Wins and Hardly Anyone Noticed March 22, 2013 11:58

With all the hype about Miami getting to 24 straight NBA wins, there's another team that is being overlooked for also racking up a great series of wins. Last night the Denver Nuggets turned around an 8 point deficit in the 4th quarter against the Philedelphia 76ers, to take a 1 point win at 101 - 100. That was their 14th straight win in the NBA.

What made that win particularly spectacular for the Nuggets, was that they were 5 points down with 10 seconds left on the clock. Corey Brewer sank a 3 point shot with 9.2 seconds left, then fouled Evan Turner, who missed both of his free-throws, leaving the score at 100-98 with the 76ers.

After a time-out, Brewer again got the ball back, and threw up a 3-pointer, only to be fouled by Damien Wilkins with 2.1 seconds left on the clock. Brewer tentatively stepped to the line, and sunk all 3 free-throws to give Denver that 1 point lead.

In those final seconds after Brewer's 3 charity stripe shots, Anthony Randolph blocked a last ditch attempt by the 76er's Wilkins to put up a shot before time expired. Those last 10 seconds of play were bordering on magical.

14 straight wins is a tremendous achievement in the NBA for anyone, but no one has really noticed what Denver is piecing. With players like JaVale McGee, Andre Iguodala and Kenneth Faried, Denver isn't exactly a shy and retiring team, but in the shadow of the Heat Streak, as Miami's quest id being called, they're well under the radar.

When looking at it, Denver may actually be putting together a stronger run that the Heat.

While the Nuggets have only won 14 games in a row so far, 8 of those 14 opponents have been play-off teams. For Miami, on the other hand, only 12 of their 24 opponents have been play-off teams. So Miami might be 10 wins ahead, but they've only played 4 more play-off teams.

The Heat are going to continue to take the lime light until their streak ends, but when it does end, lets hope that Denver get some decent credit for their achievements this season as well.