Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau Goes Nuts After Officials Call Against Bulls March 19, 2013 11:01

If you weren't glued to the Miami vs Boston game last night, then the Chicago Bulls vs the Denver Nuggets looked like it would have been a good game to watch. 

The Denver Nuggets won by a single point in overtime, but not before there was some controversy over a call by the referees, which sent Bulls coach, Tom Thibodeau, absolutely mental.

With 5.7 seconds left on the clock, with the Nuggets leading, Chicago Bulls guard Marco Bellinelli took a run at the basket and threw up a shot that looked like it was going to come down short. That being the case, Joakim Noah flew in to save the day, jumping over Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler to tip the ball into the basket.

The Bulls had little time to celebrate, as the officials decided that they needed to review the play to see if the basket would count. 

After a review, it was determined that Noah touched the ball after it was all ready in the cylinder, and therefore his tip constituted offensive interference with the basket, and the shot didn't count. 

That pretty much ended the game for the Bulls, and Bulls coach Thibodeau made sure that the refs knew about it. He flew off the handle, making his feelings known by just about everyone in the arena.

According to Thibodeau, his issue was not with the call (which looks to be the right one) but the fact that the play was reviewed at all. 

Either way, check it out (screen shot of the point at which Noah tipped the ball below):