Magic Offers LeBron $1 Million to Enter NBA Dunk Contest March 02, 2013 21:07

Even before the NBA All-Star Weekend, people were on LeBron James' case about entering the All-Star Dunk Contest. It's a few weeks after the event, and things continue to get even more intense for the Miami Heat star, after a fan captured an awesome pre-game dunk that LeBron did when warming up.

Now Magic Johnson has stepped into the equation and upped the stakes. He has offered LeBron James $1,000,000 if he goes out there, and wins the NBA Dunk Contest.

I'm not sure even $1 million would sway LeBron, considering he has been very vocal in saying that he will never enter a dunk contest, and has even threatened to stop doing his crowd-pleasing dunks if people don't stop asking about it. The guy just does not want to do it.

He's more concerned about concentrating on bringing his A-Game to the regular season, and driving the Miami Heat back to the play-offs for another chance at the Championship. Who can blame him?