Dennis Rodman Hangs Out with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un March 01, 2013 11:01

Why, when there's something crazy going down, does Dennis Rodman have to get into the mix?

Right now, Rodman is in North Korea (of all places!) hanging out with Kim Jong-Un (of all people!), just weeks after North Korea started testing nuclear weapons.

Rodman is in North Korea, with the Harlem Globetrotters, to shoot a documentary for HBO about the secretive communist state. Kim Jong-Un is a big basketball fan, and he invited the American entourage to have dinner with him.

The group were reportedly plied with alcohol and Rodman ended up telling the North Korean leader that "You have a friend for life".

Rodman is perhaps most famous for playing for the Chicago Bulls, winning 5 NBA championships during his career, as well as being a controversial figure off the court. At 51, it looks like Rodman isn't slowing down, and is happy to go where no other NBA player has gone before...