New York City Will Host 2015 NBA All-Star Game February 18, 2013 20:55

While we've only just got the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend over with, talk has already turned to where the event might be hosted in years to come. 

It has already been confirmed that New Orleans, currently home to the New Orleans Hornets, who are about to become the Pelicans, will host the NBA All-Star Weekend in 2014. 

For 2015, David Stern, the NBA Commissioner, has said that it's a near certainty that New York City will host NBA All-Star Weekend. The New  York Knicks, and the Brooklyn Nets, are the only two teams to have applied for that privilege so far, so it's likely that either the Barclays Center or Madison Square Garden will be doing the honours. 

Beyond that, there are rumours that either Toronto or Cleveland will host the event in 2016. If Cleveland are successful, then that would be the first time that they have hosted All-Star Weekend since 1997. 

Decisions will be made in due course, but either way, the future of the All-Star Weekend looks pretty good.