Terrence Ross Wins 2013 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest February 17, 2013 04:14

In the run up to the 2013 NBA Dunk Contest, there was a serious amount of hype about Gerald Green, who can seriously get up there, and James 'Flight' White, who is one of the most exciting dunkers ever to play the game. 

But basketball being basketball, things didn't go down the way that people thought it would, with underdog Terrence Ross taking the trophy. 

In the first round, Gerald Green, for the East, pulled off a reverse double pump, off the side of the backboard, which scored him a perfect 50.

James White then brought out a line up of air hostesses so that he could get set up for a full court launch into a two handed dunk from the free-throw line. For that dunk, the judges only scored him 45 - at this point there was already some eyebrow raising going on in terms of the judging. Then Terrance Ross stepped up, missed his first 5 dunk attempts, finally made a round the back 360, and was given a perfect score of 50. 

In the second round, Green had the net cut off the rim, so that he could attempt a double dunk - by that we mean dunking the ball, catching it and dunking it again before he hits the floor. Unfortunately he couldn't pull it off during the allotted time. White also missed his second dunk on all attempts, ensuring that both of these guys were out of the running. 

Ross came out and did a simple 360, with force, and that put him through to the final. 

In the West, they kept things a little more straight forward. Kenneth Faried had a couple of off the backboard dunks, Eric Bledsoe had missed his first few attempts before putting up a 180 dunk, followed by a windmill reverse in the second round. The returning champ, Jeremy Evans pulled Mark Eaton out of the crowd, had him sit on a box and dunked over him. For his second dunk, he did a 360 and dunked with two balls. That was enough to put Evans through to the final. 

In the final, Ross payed homage to former Raptor, Vince Carter, by wearing his jersey, while throwing it down after catching it off the side of the backboard. For his last dunk, he jumped over a 2ft tall (estimated) ball boy, with a through the legs dunk. Neither were particular spectacular, and the same could be said for Evans.

In the end, Terrence Ross took the title of 2013 NBA Dunk Contest, I'm sure to the surprise of most basketball fans. 

The overall feeling about the contest was that of disappointment. The scoring was dodgy at times, there were a lot of missed dunks, and there was nothing particularly original or outstanding about any of the performances. 

Maybe we're just being too harsh. Either way, have your say below!


How did James White's free throw line dunk, only receive 45 points, you kidding me!? Check it out.