Red Bull Uses Military Grade Camera Work to Slow Down Anthony Davis February 12, 2013 12:05

The NBA All-Star Weekend is nearly here, and everyone is getting excited about some of the talent that we're going to see. Not only do we get to see some of the best players in the league roll out in the All-Star game itself, but we get to see what the new guys in the league can really do in the Rising Stars Challenge.

In anticipation of that, Red Bull has been working with Anthony Davis, the 2012 overall 1st pick, who plays for the New Orleans Hornets. They used a Motion Control camera system, which is usually used for shooting high speed car action, to capture Davis' full on-court arsenal. 

The video takes us right through from Davis' moves on defence, all the way up to a dunk on offence, in one single sweep across the court. 

The Motion Control system meant that the camera could be moved at 25 feet per second, while ever millimetre of that movement was under control to capture every single nuance of Davis' moves. 

On top of that a Phantom Flex camera was used, which can capture 500 frames per second, meaning that it was recording at a higher resolution than HD. The Phantom Flex is usually used for high-end scientific, or military ballistic work. Red Bull was rolling with some serious tech!

Check out the full video below!