Warriors to Debut Short Sleeve Alternative Jersey February 12, 2013 09:12

The Golden State Warriors are getting set to debut a brand new alternative jersey. On 22nd February, Golden State will be wearing short sleeve jersey's, when they take on the San Antonio Spurs.

The new-look uniforms have been created by Adidas, the official outfitter of the NBA, and are made with a stretch fabric that is supposed to give as much shoulder freedom as the traditional tank top jersey.

The jersey should provide additional support to the player, without reducing his range of motion in the shoulder and arms.

At the press conference yesterday, Warriors forward, Harrison Barnes said of the new uniform, “I know a lot of guys shoot with T-shirts on during practice. I do myself. The fit is real easy. It fits like a glove and doesn’t restrict your shooting at all.”

Warriors coach, Mark Jackson also said, “My concern early on was the comfort zone of the players – how did they feel? I understand how special it is for the league and for adidas, but what we wanted to do is make sure that our players have the best. And once we had an opportunity to practice in it, to shoot around in it, to defend in it, the guys were raving about it. That put a stamp of approval on it.”

After the game against the Spurs on the 22nd, the uniform will be seen again on the 8th March when the Warriors take on the Houston Rockets, then again against the Chicago Bulls on the 15th March.

The players have given it their approval, what do you think?