Danilo Gallinari Joins the Circus February 06, 2013 16:02

When you hear about clutch shots, circus shots, or just damn near impossible shots, you don't often hear the name Danilo Gallinari crop up. 

Well last night, that all changed. As the Denver Nuggets took on the Milwaukee Bucks, Gallinari sent the crowd wide with a crazy shot (see video below) that helped the Nuggets to seal the deal over the bucks. 

More importantly though, the shot ensured that the fans at the games got a great taco deal. Because the shot took the Denver points to 110, Taco Bell made good on their promotional promise to give every Nuggets fan 4 tacos for $1 with the purchase of large drink. 

What more do you want? A great show, and close-to-free tacos as a result.