Kieron Achara Weighs In on UK Sport's Lack of Funding for British Basketball January 30, 2013 11:44

Kieron Achara is the latest member of the Great Britain basketball team to appeal to UK Sport to change it's decision to stop basketball funding.

Achara, who was born in Stirling, believes that a lack of funding for basketball would be a huge blow to the sport, and may ensure that Team GB doesn't even have a shot at qualifying for the Rio 2016 Olympics. 

Senior executives from British Basketball will have 15 minutes to make their case to the UK Sport board today, after UK Sports 'no compromise' policy came under attack in a Parliamentary debate on Monday. 

Achara currently plays league basketball in Greece, for Kavala, and has said; “It feels like UK Sport are saying that all the hard work and sacrifice we put into the Olympic campaign was for nothing. I seriously hope they reconsider cutting all funding. Basketball has so much potential in this country and we are so close to achieving global recognition.

“Of course there are a lot of improvements to make but after competing in two European finals and now an Olympic Games, we have gained much-needed experience that will now help is compete with the world’s best.

“We have to become a more consistent squad on the court and this can only be achieved by competing with the world’s elite teams. And to compete with the world’s best, of course funding is essential.”

Sam Neter, of, started a petition to help change UK Sports decision, and that petition already has 12,923 signatures, and is growing rapidly each day. 

Fans and supporters of the sport will be eagerly waiting for UK Sport's decision, which is likely to come back within 48 hours of the British Basketball appeal.