It's Official, Hornets Change Their Name to the Pelicans January 24, 2013 22:28

The New Orleans Hornets have tonight officially announced that they are to change their name to the New Orleans Pelicans, starting from the beginning of next season. 

They have also announced that they are to change their team colours to blue, gold and red, as well as unveiling their new team logo.

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Hornets owner, Tom Benson, owns the name rights for the Pelicans which had previously been used by a minor league baseball team in New Orleans.

The brown pelican used in the new logo is the state bird for Louisiana. 

Benson explained that, The Pelican "is a symbol of the's a symbol of our resolve, to come back. We've done it, that's what's great."

Team Executive, Tina Benson LeBlanc explained the colours behind the logo by saying, “[The red] inspires the passion, the blue is loyalty and the gold is the gleam of championships that we hope to bring to our state.” 

We might mock the idea of the Pelican being the team animal, but a lot have thought has gone into the decision  and into how each of the log breakdowns is presented.

The logo designed, Rodney Richardson, told about each of the logo element:

PRIMARY LOGO (see above)

“Our desire was to bring out the characteristics of the pelican that have caused it to stand as a symbol for this city and region. The focus, beauty and strength it displays when it dives from the air into the water for its food – we wanted to capture that strength and focus. And as it represents new life, survival and resourcefulness, NEW ORLEANS rests on its wings. References to the style, flourish and heritage of the city are subtly ingrained in the mark.”


“This dynastic, artistic, emblematic and heraldic symbol is as long-standing in its representation of the region as the pelican. Our iteration of the fleur de lis from the city’s flag – and its incorporation of the pelican – create even deeper ties to these meaningful representatives.”


“We wanted to create a mark that represents the city itself. Affectionately known as the Crescent City due to its position in the crescent bend of the Mississippi River, the city is actually situated at the tip of the crescent. This is a position of good fortune. And as the word ‘crescent’ actually means ‘to grow’, we wanted to capture that spirit as the city continues to grow and flourish. This is a mark that truly pays homage to the growing life of the city.”