Sign A Petition To Get James 'Flight' White Into the 2013 NBA Dunk Contest January 14, 2013 19:39

James White signed a one year with the New York Knicks to play in the NBA this season, and with a nickname like 'Flight', you know this guy has got some hops. 
White has got to be one of the best dunkers in the world right now, but unfortunately he's down the line behind J.R. Smith and Steve Novak when it comes to getting floor time with the Knicks. 
For that reason, this guy has got to feature in the 2013 NBA Dunk Contest, which will be held in Houston as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend this February. 
People complain that the NBA Dunk Contest has gotten a bit boring, as nothing seems to be all that new, but fans of the James 'Flight' White might bring something new. 
We all know that Jordan or Dr. J could dunk from the free throw line with one hand. This guy can do it with two. He's even jumped from the free-throw line, put the ball between his legs and dunked it.  Jux Berg from the has checked, and no one has done that in the NBA.
White has also just signed a contract with the awesome basketball brand, K1X, and has been rocking their Anti Gravity sneakers during his playing time with the Knicks this season. K1X wouldn't touch him if he wasn't legit. 
This guy needs to be in the Dunk Contest. 
To help get him there, just click here to send an e-mail to the league office, and let them know that James 'Flight' White should be included in the event this year.