John Wall Signs With Adidas January 10, 2013 09:27

When it comes to basketball shoes, Nike tends to be the brand at the top of the list. However, Adidas is doing their part to try and keep a grasp on the basketball shoe market.

They already have Derrick Rose heading up their basketball section, with Dwight Howard and Ricky Rubio right behind. Now they've also gone and grabbed John Wall.

Rumours of the move started circulating on Wednesday, when Wall rocked up to practice at the Washington Wizards Verizon Centre, wearing a pair of red Adidas high tops. From 2010-2012, Wall was the lead guy for Reebok's basketball performance wing. He had reportedly signed a $25 million contract with Reebok, before he was picked 1st overall in the draft by the Washington Wizards in 2010.

Wall has now confirmed that he has made the move to Adidas, only months after Reebok released his 3rd signature shoe. The Washington guard will made his season debut, in Adidas kicks, this Saturday, after missing 33 games with a stress injury to his right knee.

In a statement, Wall has said; “I’ve enjoyed my time with Reebok and I’m grateful for everything we accomplished the last few years. Now, I’m excited to return to the court soon and begin my new partnership with adidas. They’ve changed the game with new technology and style and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”.

Adidas have owned Reebok since 2005, and this latest move has struck up rumours that Reebok are thinking of pulling out of the basketball market all together. Reebok were quick to release a statement to say otherwise: “John is a tremendous player and person, and has been a great representative of the Reebok brand. We wish him all the best. He is in good hands with adidas. Basketball remains an important category for Reebok. We have a long and very successful heritage in the sport, which provides us with a unique point of view and place in the category. In the near future, we will announce new basketball assets, to join our current roster, who we feel best represent the direction our style-driven performance basketball business. We’re looking at athletes who are unique in their approach to style, their game and their life in general.”

What ever Wall has on his feet, it's going to be great to see him get back on the court this weekend!