Ewing 33 Hi Makes it onto @SneakerBoxClyde's Top 10 Sneakers for 2012 December 28, 2012 13:36

If you're a sneakerhead, and you're not familiar with Inside the Sneaker Box (ITSN), then you should be! @SneakerBoxClyde and other writers that contribute to ITSB like Jeffery Jason (@IamJefferyJason -  the guy has Corona for breakfast - legend), know a heck of a lot about sneakers, and you can be sure to find some great write ups on the latest and greatest footwear.

@SneakerBoxClyde has just released his top 10 sneaks of 2012, and there were some fresh kicks on that list! 

We were happy to see the Ewing 33 Hi making it in at number 10 on the list, and totally agreed with the reasons why it made it there. It's true that it's not often that a dead brand comes roaring back to life, and definitely not with as much flare and style as Ewing did. 

We weren't lucky enough to make it on the seriously short list of establishments that stocked the Ewing Athletic shoes for the initial release, but we're excited about having these bad boys in for their 2013 re-release. 

Feast your eyes on the shoe in question, and listen to what @SneakerBoxClyde has to say about 'em.


We were also glad to see the Air Jordan Retro 11 Play-Off edition in Black and Varsity Red/White, which dropped at the end of the year, and features at number 5 in the countdown. Those kicks are seriously nice, and the sell out rate is incredible. As @SneakerBoxClyde says, they would be number 1 for a lot of people, but he pushed it down the list for not being something new. The shoes first came out in 1995, retro'ed in 2001 and retro'ed in a pack in 2008. 
Check out the shoe, and the coverage below.


Incase you were wondering what made it in at number 1 for 2012, it was the Buck and Ball x New Balance. Not a basketball shoe, but still pretty nice, and very limited. 

What be your top shoes of 2012?