Christmas Day NBA Round-Up 2012: Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets December 26, 2012 18:35

The first game for Christmas Day this year was the Boston Celtics, taking on the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Centre.

The first quarter of the game was pretty evenly matched between the teams, with the score at 22-24 to Brooklyn by the end of 12 minutes. During the second quarter, some smart defence and nice ball movement helped the Celtics to turn things around and put themselves up 41-31.

With 3:56 left on the clock, Rondo got himself a nice and-1, pushing the score out to 49-34, topping a 25 to 3 Boston run. 

Rondo was rocking some nice Nike HyperPosite kicks for the day, which must have been making him feel extra festive out there on the floor. We also clocked Jared Sullinger wearing the recently-released Jordon Retro XI 'Bred' as his Christmas footwear choice. 

As the 2nd quarter wound down, Sullinger was at the hard end of a few beatings - Brook Lopez took him out when trying to block Sullinger's dunk attempt, then at the other end Gerald Wallace landed on Sullinger, elbowing him in his mid section.

Nevertheless,  at half time Sullinger and Rondo were tied top with 10 points a piece for the Celtics, and Lopez had 10 for the Nets, with the score at 56 - 42 to the Celtics. The Nets had 10 turnovers, and the Celtics were leading in rebounds, having grabbed 24 (that might be why Reggie Evans got the start in the 3rd quarter).

In the 3rd, it took a good 3 and a half minutes for either team to put up a field goal.  Brooklyn fired up part way through the quarter to pull things back to within 10, but Rondo fired back, making some great assists and even hitting his own three-ball to take the Celtics out to a 73 - 58 lead by the end of the 3rd. 

Wallace and Kevin Garnett got into it a little bit in the 4th, when Wallace forget to let go of Garnets shorts after a foul. Garnet didn't appreciate the love, and the refs gave out a technical foul on the two players, and the game could go on, with shorts intact.... Until Sullinger tried to stop Wallace on a fast-break by trying to get him in a head-lock. It was Wallace who wasn't happy this time. Sullinger got a Flagrant foul, and Wallace got two shots to clear it all up, and Brooklyn took possession.

Despite those two altercations, it was all Gerald Wallace for the 4th quarter. He was the only guy putting any energy and effort into the game for Brooklyn. But without the effort of his team mates, Brooklyn were never coming back.

The game finished up 93 - 76.