K1X AntiGravity - Coming Early 2013 December 21, 2012 14:11

New pictures have come out of the highly anticipated K1X Anti Gravity or 'AG' basketball shoes, which are set for release early next year. 

UPDATE: Get yours here in March 2013.

The AntiGravity shoes will be released in 6 monochromatic colourways, and are built around the idea of having a low and wide stance, to deliver supreme performance, while offering maximum support and injury prevention. 

K1X are also improving on their W.H.U.I.T.A (Way Higher Up In The Air) and W.L.O.T.C (Way Longer On The Court) formulas from their Chiefglider One shoe. The shoe is built with maximum impact protection and maximum resilience to help keep your game at its peak for longer. 

Check out the detail below. Totally looking forward to this drop in 2013.