NBA Christmas Day UK TV Schedule 2012 December 17, 2012 10:24

With only 1 week left until Christmas, it's about time to get excited for that fact that, on Christmas Day, we'll actually be able to watch 3 live NBA game, back to back, at a reasonable time of day!

There are 5 NBA games taking place on Christmas day in total, with 3 of those games being shown on ESPN in the UK.

The ESPN UK TV schedule looks something like this:

5pm - Boston Celtics at Brooklyn Nets Live

8pm - NY Knicks at the LA Lakers

10:30pm - Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

The other two games being played that day are Houston Rockets at the Chicago Bulls, and the Denver Nugget at the LA Clippers, but those games won't be shown on ESPN. 

It's going to be good to see the Thunder go up against the Heat, who beat them in the NBA Finals last season, and a Knicks vs Lakers, East / West shown down should be good. 

The Lakers being scheduled on Christmas day also means that Kobe will keep his record for having played on Christmas day for every full season of his career.