Ewing Athletic 33 Hi - 2013 UK Release December 05, 2012 15:33

The initial release of the Ewing 33 Hi in the UK, back in November, when down a storm, but Ewing account holders were limited to only 108 units across all 4 colourways, so I know what you're thinking.  When is the next drop!?

Basketball Megastore will be stocking the Ewing 33 Hi in March 2013, with a specific release date yet to be announced. 

Ewing Athletics was reborn in 2012, but those new to the phenomenon of Ewing shoes might like to learn a bit more about what's behind Ewing Athletic. From EwingAthletics.com:


In 1989 Patrick began his own shoe company, Ewing Athletics. The first model he wore briefly for the 1989 season was the Rebound, but the first main release from the company was the 33 HI. This shoe would go on to become a huge seller, becoming a street staple in NYC, and eventually becoming a favorite in Europe and Asia as well. The 33 HI remained in production and a top seller for years, and was featured in many album covers and music videos of the era. Patrick wore the shoe during the 1990 season and enjoyed his best season as a pro, averaging 28.6 points a game, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks while shooting 55% from the field.

For the next few years, at the start of every season Patrick would debut the company’s latest game model. In 1991 he wore the Center, and introduced the Concept for the 1992 season. In the summer of 1992 he would wear a special version of the Eclipse in White/Red/Blue with a #6 on the back instead of his customary #33 to commemorate the 1992 Olympic Games which was the first US Mens Team to include professional players.

During this time, the company was rapidly expanding to include all types of footwear, not just the same models that Patrick wore in games. There were other models of team basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes and even hiking boots. The apparel line grew as well, from just T-shirts and tank tops to all types of clothing including leather jackets. Ewing Athletics even sponsored some European League basketball teams, making their uniforms for them. For 1993 Patrick wore the Focus which still remains one of the most sought after models. 1994 saw the Domain for the regular season and the Image for the long playoff run to the Finals, and Patrick wore the Image for the 1995 season as well. For 1996 Patrick wore the Empire which would be the final shoe Ewing Athletics would produce in the 1990s.


In the 2000′s as the Internet Age dawned, there became a huge online cult following and demand increased for vintage Ewing shoes from all over the world and in 2012 Patrick has relaunched Ewing Athletics. Our goal is to cater to our core fans who want the original models produced true to form, with authenticity and with respect to the heritage of the line."

We're excited to see what else Ewing is going to release in 2013. We already know of two brand new colourways for the 33 Hi which will be unveiled next Spring. Watch this space!