The Newcastle Eagles Are Heading to the BBL Cup Final December 04, 2012 13:59

The new Newcastle Eagles line-up don't always make winning games easy for themselves, and their BBL Cup semi-final game against the Plymouth Raiders last Friday was no different. 

In the first leg of the semi-final, which was held down in Plymouth, the Eagles flew to a 17 point win over the Raiders, meaning they had a lot less work to do in the home leg, to ensure that they advanced to the BBL Cup Final. 

The deal was far from sealed, with the Raiders leading all the way against Newcastle in the second leg. The game eventually finished 93 - 81, with the Raiders on the winning side, but there just wasn't a great enough points difference for them to clinch that final spot.

With regular time winding down, it was close. The Eagles hovered around the 17 / 19 points down mark, only barely clinging on. The score at that point was 89 - 72 to the raiders, meaning that, on aggregate, the teams were tied. So the game went into overtime. 

The Eagles finally snapped out of it in overtime, going on an 11 - 2 run, to finally ensure that they would be making the trip to Birmingham in the new year. 

The Newcastle Eagles are likely to meet the Leicester Riders in the BBL Cup Final, which will take place on Sunday 13th January at the NIA in Birmingham.