Kobe Tells Pau to "Put Your Big-Boy Pants On" December 04, 2012 12:15

The Lakers haven't had a smooth start to this NBA season. They lost a pack of games right off the line, and they're struggled with away form.

They've also had to cope with a new head coach, whose style of play is completely different to what they're used. Moving from Phil Jackson's system, to Mike Brown's and now to Mike D'Antonio's, you'd expect the team to have a few hiccups as each of the players learn what their new roles are.

One of the biggest questions under D'Antonio's new system, was 'where does Pau Gasol fit in?' Word from the Lakers camp thus far has been that there's plenty of room for Gasol, if he can adjust to playing out of the centre role, which was taken by Dwight Howard over the Summer.

However, Pau has now started to find himself riding the bench in crunch time situations. He's found himself benched in 2 of the last 5 Lakes games, including the game on Sunday night that saw the Lakers fall to Howard's former team, the Orlando Magic.

After the game, as Kobe was being interviewed by the press, he was asked about how you keep Pau motivated when he's sat on the bench for far longer that he would be used to, to which he responded: "Put your big-boy pants on. Just adjust. Just adjust. You can't whine about it."

Whether a light-hearted jeer, or a frustrated stab at the Spaniard, Kobe certainly makes it known that he thinks Pau has to take some responsibility in cutting out his place on the team.