LeBron James has the No. 1 Top Selling-NBA Jersey November 30, 2012 10:43

Recent stats have shown that LeBron James has taken the number 1 spot on the top-selling NBA jersey's list. 
Figures have been taken from sales at the flagship NBA Stpre on 5th Avenue in New York, and online sales from NBAStore.com. Sales were counted from April 2012, through to the 26th November. 
LeBron had the top spot back in April 2011, and climbed 4 places this year to take the top spot from the Chicago Bull's Derrick Rose, who now sits at number 5. 
Kevin Durant takes the number 2 spot, followed by Kobe Bryant in 3rd, and Carmelo Anthony in 4th place. 
From a team perspective, the New York Knicks hold he top stop in terms of volume of team jerseys sold, followed by the Miami Heat, the LA Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Boston Celtics in 5th.