Cheshire Have Found A New Owner and Officially Become the Phoenix November 29, 2012 14:02

Further to our recent blog about the fact the the Cheshire Jets have had to change their name, and that the fans voted for the Cheshire Phoenix to be that new name. 

It has now been announced that, to go along with the new name, Cheshire have found new owners as well, to save the falling franchise.  

The new owners of the Cheshire club came forward from the teams support base, and are led by local businessmen Terry Hearfield and Andrew Donaldson, and basketball fanatics Mike Burton and Andy Green.

Donaldson has said of the news; "'The volunteers, the players, the fans and the local community have really pulled together to enable the club to survive. We are looking forward to rebuilding the club on firm foundations and hope to repeat some of the clubs past successes, this is what we have all been working towards and it's what the fans deserve."

The new owners will face their first game away to Merseyside to play the Tigers on Friday, with a home visit from the Newcastle Eagles.