Grinnell Student Jack Taylor Breaks NCAA and Collegiate Scoring Record with 138 Points in a Single Game November 22, 2012 12:08

On Tuesday night, Jack Taylor, a sophomore guard playing for Grinnell in the NCAA 3rd Division, scored 138 points in a single game, breaking all previous college scoring records.

Taylor helped Grinnell to a 179 - 104 win over Faith Baptist Bible. Shooting 52 for 108 from the floor, 27 for 71 from beyond the arc, and 7 for 10 from the line, he managed to break the previous scoring record of just 113 points for a single player in a game.

Bevo Francis held the NCAA and collegiate scoring mark with those 113 points back in 1954, so it has taken a long time for that record to be broken.

Taylor had the chance to put up so many shots, due to the up-tempo style of play that Grinnell runs (called The System) and thanks to the unselfish playing style of his teammates.

As part of The System, Grinnell puts a lot of pressure on the other team as they try to inbound the ball and get over half court. If the other team breaks the press, they're often allowed a free run to the basket, with the aim of The System being that Grinnell get the ball back as quickly as possible so that they can run a fast offence and knock down as many 3's as they can.

Being interviewed after the game by ESPN, Taylor said; "I felt pretty confident tonight. Most of my shots were off the dribble, in isolation, from the perimeter, and that's kind of my game, working off the dribble. The team was very unselfish and actually told me they're going to keep feeding me the ball and keep riding the wave. I appreciate their unselfishness."