EuroBasket 2013 Has Been Drawn November 21, 2012 13:45

The draw for EuroBasket 2013 was made last week in Postojna in Slovenia, and 24 teams have been drawn into 4 groups. 

There are 6 teams in each group, and the best 4 from each group will progress to round 2. There will then be 2 groups, each with 6 teams again in the second round. The top 4 teams will then progress to the quarter final stage. 

The competition is due to start on the 4th September 2013, and the first round groups look like this:

  • Group A: Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Belgium
  • Group B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Latvia
  • Group C: Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia
  • Group D: Finland, Greece, Russia, Italy, Sweden and Turkey.   

Speaking with FibaEurope, Great Britain forward, Dan Clark has said that he is delighted with the EuroBasket draw, where his team will face France, Germany, Israel, Belgium and Ukraine. 

Clark said; "Oh, it's better than normal, normally we get a very tough group. France are obviously a very good team but apart from that I think the [rest of] teams are beatable. I mean these three teams (he points to Ukraine, Belgium and Israel), we've already played them in other competitions and we've beat them. Germany is a bit of an unknown to us but obviously they have a good team, they've played in big competitions and have lots of experience. It will be an interesting group I think, it's very competitive, there's a lot of teams that can make some surprises."

While Team GB came away from the London Olympics empty handed, they made some great progress, and proved that they should have the chance to play on the international stage. Fans who got hooked on international basketball, thanks to the Olympics, will no doubt be looking forward to EuroBasket, to see how Great Britain get on.