Kevin Durant Chalks Up His First Triple-Double November 19, 2012 11:45

Kevin Durant might be a 3-times NBA scoring champion, and the young leader of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the pinnacle of stat lines, the triple-double, has always eluded him. That is, until last night!

Durant chalked up is first ever NBA triple-double, with 25 points, 13 rebounds and a career-high 10 assists, helping his team to beat the Golden State Warriors, 119-109.

Last season, the Thunder made it to the NBA Play-Off Finals, losing in the end to LeBron's Miami Heat.So it's understandable that there has been some disappointment about Durants start to the season. He's had some adjustments to make in his game, and that has led to an increase in his turnovers, and a drop in his assists.

Last nights game is hopefully a better sign of things to come. Durant was quoted on Yahoo! Sports as saying; ''There's going to be nights where I have to score 30. There's going to be nights where I have to have seven or eight assists,'' Durant said. ''So, I'm just trying to be an all-around player and just continue to help my team win.''

In regards to questions about his first ever triple-double, Durant commented; ''I really didn't care, to be honest. If it came, then that's cool. If it didn't, then just keep playing,'' Durant said. ''It feels good to get one. Now, I guess I've got a little monkey off my back. I can just go out there and play.''

Durant only had 2 turnovers in last nights game, and his made the final assist that he needed for his triple-double by passing to Kevin Martin for a 3-pointer, with 4.57 to play in the 4th. Let's hope this is just the start.