K1X in Paris: Basketball T-Shirts from the Fall/Winter Collection October 12, 2012 11:29

If there's any question about which brand is truly rocking it right now, I think the answer has to be K1X. K1X have launched their Fall/Winter collection, and they have some brilliant tees in there that perfectly blend a love of basketball, and hip-hop culture. 

Every time there's a K1X release, they've got their finger right on the pulse of what's hot right now and what is making us tick. 

A couple of months back, it was the London 2012 Olympics, and the buzz was all about Team USA and what that exception group of players were capable of when combined into a super team. That inevitably caused us to reminisce about arguably the best super team of all time: the 1992 Barcelona Olympic 'Dream Team'.  K1X didn't miss a beat, they were right there with some sick t-shirt designs dedicated to the Barcelona Dream Team, and Team USA as a whole.


If you loved these basketball tee's then you're not going to be disappointed with what K1X currently have to offer. 

The Summer has been ablaze with news surrounding Jay-Z and Kanye West. If it wasn't hype about Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Nets, then it was Kanye and his Nike Air Jeezy II sneaker release. And if it wasn't either of those things, it was Watch the Throne, the collaborative album between perhaps two of the most successful stars in the business.  

The album produced a number of hit records that have been blazing out of speakers all Summer, and perhaps none more so than the third track on the album, Niggas in Paris

In their Fall/Winter collection, K1X have dropped some new tees that pay homage to that track, and also the way that Jay-Z and Kanye intertwine with basketball culture. 

The K1X In Paris Tee features cartoon caricatures of Jay-Z and Kanye, while the K1X Ball So Hard Tee picks up on lyrics from the Niggas In Paris track. (Ball So Hard, MFCKRS Want to Fine Me.)

Check 'em out!